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The Attorney General's Office asked the Superintendent of Public Utilities clarification on recovery of cleaning services in Armenia

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Maria Eugenia Gomez Carreño, in his capacity as Attorney General for proactive monitoring of the Civil Service, sent a communication to the Deputy Superintendent for Water Supply, Sewage and toilet, on the occasion of the statements made by the company SERVIGENERALES, which states that the body that monitors and controls the companies providing the cleaning service was determined that the contractor of uniform conditions of the users of this service in the city of Armenia (Quindio).

The prosecutor asked the Superintendent delegated to clarify the scope of the notification sent to SERVIGENERALES, and if the document had identified the ownership of uniform conditions of the contract.

In response to requests for information increased, the Superintendency of Public Services, through official SSPD No. No.20114331035931 of December 22 this year, said:

"(...) The said communication was issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 25 of the Administrative Code, which provides that the right to formulate request includes verbal or written inquiries to the authorities, in relation to the matters in charge and without prejudice to special rules dispónganlas. In the same way that standard states: The answers in these cases are not the responsibility of the organizations that serve them, nor shall be mandatory execution. "

Finally, the question raised by the delegate on the accuracy of the contract holder made of uniform conditions for the provision of sanitation services in Armenia reported the Superintendent that:

"In relation to this request should be noted that no. The Superintendent, said the concept did not indicate that the ownership of the contracts were uniform conditions at the head of a company, but noted a general pattern of the regime of public services, which are the companies who will define the situation in the they are. "

As noted, the Attorney General's Office forwarded to the acting mayor of the city of Armenia of the response issued by the Superintendent of Public Utilities, remembering the powers conferred on that body, as well as those assigned to the Public Ministry and the content of the disciplinary ruling issued by facts.

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