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Maycol Attorney regrets death of Antonio Zarate, a victim of a stray bullet, and sympathizes with the parents of a minor

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The Attorney General's Office expressed its rejection of the stray bullets unfortunate cases where people have been involved in different parts of the country and especially minors, as the sad case of Maycol Antonio Zarate, who died this Wednesday just a victim of a stray bullet.

The Prosecutor for the Defense of the Rights of the Child, Youth and Family, Ilva Hoyos Myriam Castaneda, expressed his sympathy to the parents and relatives of the child Maycol Antonio Zarate and regretted this sad outcome. The attorney delegate pointed out that "it is not bulletproof but stray bullets because they have their intended purpose in a man with a face and name. Unfortunately those affected are children. "Similarly, appealed to the conscience of those who caused the death of the child in order to be delivered to the authorities as a way to relieve the pain caused to family and society and brought to justice with security that will be protected the rights to defense and due process.

For its part, the Office recognizes the need to educate at risk, to encourage complaints and define protocols for the care of such cases by the authorities and announced that as a supervisory body will follow all proper administrative processes that are ahead towards the subject, as well as control measures taken by the authorities to prevent the occurrence of such events. 

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