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lunes, 2 enero 2012 09:25 AM

Attorney file charges against former Governor of Caquetá Juan Carlos Claros Pinzon

The Attorney General's Office file charges against Mr. Juan Carlos Claros Pinzon, in his capacity as governor of the department of Caquetá, for possible links to armed groups operating outside the law.

The investigation conducted by the Director of Public Prosecutions in the process indicates that there is evidence to suspect that Mr. Claros Pinzon had irregular links with the paramilitary group "Central Bolivar Bloc," which have received support for his candidacy as governor of the department of Caquetá.

The Statement of Objections states that the paramilitary group 'Central Bolivar Bloc' "sought by political leaders created alliances managing local and regional state, which was to fund and support the campaigns of their candidates, in exchange for once elected , they represent the interests of the illegal and gave them a percentage of legal public resources, alliances that influenced the transformation of the political map of the department of Caquetá. "

Facing investigated the alleged links with this subversive group operating in the Caquetá, we have four of demobilized bloc said they accepted their participation in meetings with the former governor Claros Pinzon elected for the period 2004-2007.

The exmandatario apparently political pacts and agreements established with this armed organization outlawed since 2002, in order to have the support of these groups to achieve political participation and ensure "continuity as a major political force that would allow secure his election as governor of the department of Caquetá, as indeed happened. "

Additionally, he could receive financial support for the campaign for governor in 2003, and logistical support and security, consisting of two motorized vehicle escorts.

Also, as enforcement of the agreement would have facilitated the illegal group, through an official of the government, the information of contractors of this department.

By his action, Mr. Claros Pinzon probably committed an irregularity that constitutes a disciplinary offense which assumes responsibility in the performance of duties and functions, said the Attorney General.


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