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Attorney advised council that the choice of ombudsmen to refrain from practices contrary to law and invited to make processes transparent and visible

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The Attorney General's Office today made an appeal to the municipal and district councilors to give strict compliance with existing rules regulating the process of electing officials who will mark the first days of January.

By Circular 040, the Attorney General's Office, Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado, reminded the councilors that the choice must be made within personero between 1 and January 10, 2012, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Act 136 of 1994, "By establishing rules to modernize the organization and functioning of municipalities."

Under this, the chief public prosecutor asked the council to be sworn into office on January 1 next to convene citizens to run for the office of ombudsmen for consideration of these corporations.

The ombudsmen, whom he corresponds to the safeguarding and promotion of human rights, protecting the public interest and vigilance of those who perform public functions, shall be elected for a term of four years that begin in the first day of March 2012 and will culminate on the last day of February 2016.

The Control Authority, through their solicitors regional, provincial and district shall exercise special vigilance to this process of election of functionaries to ensure this is implemented in a transparent manner and in accordance with the relevant legal and constitutional principles.

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