Boletín 1298

Attorney General's Office initiated preventive action in the provision of ambulance service in Bogotá

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Given the issues raised by the alleged irregularities that might incur the company providing the ambulance service in Bogota, the First District Attorney preventive action was to assess the conditions under which you are really paying this service.

Given that inspections carried out by the Health Department found that some ambulances did not guarantee the minimum conditions of operation for the service and that there were alleged irregularities in the collection of the same, the Control Authority, so prevention, to address the issue that guaranteed by the operators of ambulances due compliance with the laws governing this type of service.

Preventive action is paramount to ensure that all the inhabitants of the city a comprehensive health service, and same with this management is to establish whether the District Department of Health has put the necessary controls to avoid these alleged irregularities, as in head this company is monitoring and control of this aid.

After the preventive action, the First District Attorney shall submit to the administrative authorities of the Capital District a report with findings and recommendations for improvement and seek proper development of the ambulance service provided in the health care system and initiate actions Bogotá if appropriate discipline.

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